Get Happy!  5 Tricks to Try

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TIME: Weekly on Thursdays at 5pm

            What is positive psychology, and how can it help you become happier and more emotionally fulfilled?  Positive psychology can be described simply as using the scientific method to make “normal life” more fulfilling, and to understand what actions, pursuits and motivations best contribute to happiness. 
1.      Does wealth = well-being?  Not exactly- while there is some correlation between happiness and income when basic needs are not met, a Harvard Business School study from 2009 found that people tend to overestimate the influence of wealth on happiness by as much as 100%.  When it comes to purchasing power, those who spend money on experiences, such as a meal out or a trip, cultivate greater happiness than those who spend on possessions.
2.      Happiness IS contagious.  A 2008 study found that people who were surrounded by happy people were more likely to be happier in the future.  Pay attention to whom you spend time with, and how you feel when you do.
3.      Exercise!  Improve your mood, lower stress and increase productivity with exercise.  You do not have to even engage in strenuous exercise to reap the benefits.  Aim for 30 minutes of an activity you enjoy 5 days a week.
4.      Volunteer.  Donating time to a cause you feel passionate about is proven to increase well-being and life satisfaction.  Interestingly, it is even linked to decreased depression and a lower risk of dying early.  If you are short on time, even helping out a friend in need has health benefits.
5.      Hug someone you love.  The simple act of eight hugs a day can increase internal oxytocin levels, the hormone that facilitates trust and empathy.  Hug a friend, child or pet, and foster connections that result in a happier you and a better world.
            The science of positive psychology can lead to a better you, both mentally and physically. 
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Greg Bing, M.Ed., A.C.E. Certified Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist
Kara Unal JD, RYT
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