5 Ways to Avoid Food Traps

avoid food traps

Trying to avoid food traps but keep getting stuck? Food traps are situations and places that make it difficult to stick to your healthy eating plan. We all have to avoid food traps everyday, and here are some tips on avoiding common food traps.

  1. Vacations
    It can be difficult to stick to your regular diet while on vacation, and that’s ok. Try to plan time for physical activity, like walks or swimming. If you can, plans meals and try to balance restaurant meals with healthy snacks that you bring or buy. If you are staying in a place with a mini-fridge, take advantage and bring fruits and vegetables to snack on.
  2. Holidays
    Holidays often center around food and can make healthy eating difficult. Remember that they usually only last one day, and you will return to healthy eating the next day. Pick one food to indulge in, perhaps a holiday favorite, and make the rest of your plate fruit and vegetable centered.
  3. Family Gatherings
    Family gatherings can be difficult not only because of the presence of food, but also because of the peer pressure. Do not feel bad for making healthy choices, and stick to your eating plan,
  4. Time
    Running out of time to prepare and eat healthy meals is a food trap for many. Remember, healthy does not have to be complicated. A vegetable sandwich and fruit are a perfectly healthy lunch. Try to prepare healthy meals when you have time that also yield leftovers, and always have cut fruits and vegetables handy for easy snacking.
  5. Snacks
    Snacks can contribute to poor eating habits, but they can also be an opportunity to add in missing nutrients. Instead of eliminating snacks, provide healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, nuts and low-fat dairy.

The more you learn to recognize food traps, the easier it will be to avoid food traps,  Consider working with a health coach to identify your pitfalls and come up with helpful solutions that will help you. Healthy eating can be balanced with fun and social activities- it just requires a plan!

Dr. Karen Leibowitz
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health