Choosing Sports Programs for Kids – 5 Considerations

Choosing Sports Programs for Kids

What should you consider when sports programs for kids? The number of sports programs available for kids has grown significantly in recent years. Children now have the opportunity to participate in Little League baseball, youth soccer leagues, community basketball, competitive sports and school sports. With the wide variety of opportunities available, choosing sports programs for kids it can be difficult. Here, 5 things to consider when picking a sports program with your child.

5 considerations when choosing sports programs for kids

  1. Why You Want Your Child to Participate In Sports:
    First, examine why you want your child to participate in sports. If you are pushing the idea but your child does not want to, try to find another way for your child to stay active. Competitive sports can be stressful, especially if the child does not want to be there.
  2. Don’t Focus on Winning:
    The chances of any child becoming a star high school, college or professional athlete are very slim. Sports can help children develop lots of skills, but your focus as a parent should not be on winning. There are many other, long-lasting benefits from participating in team sports that have nothing to do with winning.
  3. Age:
    The age of your child is a consideration for what sports program you choose. If your child is younger, they may just be looking for a way to have fun and make friends. Look at a less competitive option, like community leagues. Even older children benefit for less competitive programs- they will still be receiving the benefits of physical fitness.
  4. What Your Child Wants:
    Talk to your child about what they are looking for. They will probably have a strong idea of what they are looking for, and working together to choose a program will be beneficial in the long run.
  5. Be Open Minded:
    Team sports are a wonderful way to boost self-confidence, teach the importance of teamwork and contribute to overall fitness, but there are many ways for children to be fit and active without contributing in a team sport.

If you are looking for creative ways for your kids to stay active, consider trying KIDS yoga! Kids yoga at KareBoost Health is open to all kids over 8, and is a fun, creative and non-competitive way for kids to build strength and stay active and flexible. It is a great compliment to the young athlete, and a perfect class for the beginner. We also have fitness coaching where we can work with your child to learn different types of exercises that they can do at home and stay active.

Greg Bing, M.Ed., A.C.E.
Certified Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist
KareBoost Health