Exploring Backbends in Yoga: 3 Things to Know

Exploring Backbends in Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or a more seasoned yoga student, you are probably aware of the importance that backbends play in yoga classes. However, these can be complex poses that require a lot of strength and mobility. If you have been working on improving your backbends, our upcoming yoga workshop at KareBoost Health on Sunday, July 8th at 12pm is just for you!

Here’s what to expect, and how this workshop will contribute to your current yoga practice.

  1. Learn Modifications and Regressions.
    If you are having trouble with your backbends, you could benefit from learning modifications. We will go over modifications that can be applied in every class, and regress complicated poses into more simple poses, so that students can gain and build the strength and mobility required for performing them without injury.
  2. Understand the requirements of backbends.
    While you might be currently happy with your backbend practice, this workshop will be a chance to explore how the entire body contributes to to the mostion and understand the strength and mobility needed for healthy backbends.
  3. Progress Your Practice.
    Backbends can be approached step-by-step, and once you have learned modifications and understand the requirements of the poses, you can begin to move towards bigger backbends. However, doing it suddenly can be damaging, so we will discuss how to gradually build your progressions.

If you have always wanted to learn more, or you have just started yoga and want to understand these common poses, this workshop is perfect for you!

Join us on Sunday, July 8th at 12 pm. Register up to one week prior to save $10 off! Questions and discussion will be welcomed at the workshop- come join us!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health