Ways to Exercise When Short on Time

exercise when short on time

How can you exercise when short on time? Finding the time to exercise can be difficult. Work, family and other responsibilities can make it seem impossible to find sufficient time to exercise. Current recommendations suggest that adults get about 30 minutes of exercise a day. Here are three ways to fit 30 minutes of exercise […]

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Steps Towards Becoming a Physically Active Family

Becoming a Physically Active Family

Are you taking steps toward becoming a physically active family? Physical activity is integral to health, and there are many small steps you can take as a family to increase physical activity and improve your family’s health. Steps toward becoming a physically active family 1. Use What’s Available. Exercise does not have to be fancy […]

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Ways to Get Small Children to Move More

Ways to Get Small Children to Move More

Let’s look at ways to get small Children to move more.  Movement is healthy for all ages, and preschool aged children need to move to be healthy just as adults do. Regular exercise helps kids grow, builds muscle and bones, and develops motor skills. Here are 5 ways to Get Small Children to Move More […]

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Choosing Sports Programs for Kids – 5 Considerations

Choosing Sports Programs for Kids

What should you consider when sports programs for kids? The number of sports programs available for kids has grown significantly in recent years. Children now have the opportunity to participate in Little League baseball, youth soccer leagues, community basketball, competitive sports and school sports. With the wide variety of opportunities available, choosing sports programs for […]

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3 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

ways to stay active this winter

Let’s look at some ways to stay active this winter. While it can be easy to get outside in the summer, winter weather can interfere with anyone’s best intentions to stay moving. Here, 3 simple and creative ways to keep moving even when the weather is less than ideal. ways to stay active this winter […]

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How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice

Develop a Home Yoga Practice

How to develop a home yoga practice…While attending a yoga class is wonderful, it is not always possible.  Today, we will discuss how to start develop a home yoga practice when you do not have the time or resources to make it to your favorite class.  There are many benefits to developing a home practice, […]

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3 Reasons Yoga Can Help Fight Pediatric Obesity

pediatric obesity

Today, one in five kids between the ages of 6-19 suffers pediatric obesity. Pediatric Obesity has immediate and long-term effects on well-being and health. If you are looking to address childhood obesity, physical activity is key to developing a healthy weight. Today, we will discuss how yoga can be a healthy physical activity for children and […]

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5 Ways to Apply SMART Goals to your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: The beginning of the year can be a great time to set goals, but people often fall behind on unrealistic and unattainable goals. Today, we will discuss how SMART goals can help you stick to your resolutions without the usual frustration. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, […]

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5 Simple Ways to Move More

ways to move more

Are you looking for ways to move more outside of your regular fitness routine? Taking exercise classes and working out is fantastic, but when you are short on time or resources, adding more movement to your daily routine can make a big difference for your health. Here are five simple ways to move more during […]

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3 Reasons to Try Strong by Zumba

strong by zumba

Maybe you are already an avid fan of the Latin-dance based cardio workout known as Zumba.  Or maybe you actively avoid the class due to a fear of public dancing.  Whether you love to Zumba or you have never tried a Zumba class before, the new Strong by Zumba class might just be for you!  […]

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