Stay Fit this Fall: 5 Fun Activities for the Whole Family

ways to stay fit this Fall

Let’s look at ways to stay fit this Fall. Fall is a fantastic time to keep up the activity level of summer. As the weather cools, there are many opportunities to get outside and be active. If you are struggling to keep the family active with the transition back to school, here are 5 fun […]

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Reasons to Include Iron Rich Foods in Your Child’s Diet

include iron in your child’s

There are many good reasons to include iron rich foods in your child’s diet. The mineral iron is an important nutrient in any healthy diet. Iron enables hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the blood, so that oxygen can get to the body’s tissues and organs. Iron is found in dark leafy greens and meats, and […]

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3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Let’s examine the health benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can be a healthy treat, as part of a balanced diet. Dark chocolate is also rich in antioxidants and can offer numerous benefits when enjoyed in moderation. Here are 3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate 1. Rich in Nutrients. Choose a dark chocolate that is low […]

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Breaking Unhealthy Eating Habits: 3 Ways to Begin

Breaking Unhealthy Eating Habits

Do your kids have unhealthy eating habits? Teaching your kids healthy eating habits is giving them tools they will use throughout life. Kids who establish healthy eating habits tend to stick with them as adults, and research shows that children who become overweight are more likely to experience weight-related health issues as adults. However, what […]

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Ways to Help Your Kids Build Strong Bones

strong bones

Strong bones are important for kids, as children build about 40 percent of their bone mass between the ages of 9 and 14. Girls reach 90 percent of their bone mass by age 18, and boys reach 90 percent of their bone mass by age 20. Nutrition and physical activity have a large impact of […]

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Lactose Intolerance in Children: 3 Things to Know

lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance occurs when the body makes too little of the enzyme lactase, which the body needs to break lactose down into glucose and galactose. When there’s not enough lactase in the body, lactose doesn’t get broken down in the small intestine, and instead passes into the large intestine where bacteria ferments it into gases […]

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Healthy Drinks for Kids: 3 Things to Know

Healthy Drinks for Kids

It may surprise you to learn that what your kids drink can have just as much of an impact on their health as what they eat. Today, we will discuss the best healthy drinks for kids to keep your little ones healthy and hydrated. Stick to Water and Milk. Water has zero calories, zero sugar […]

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Ways to End Fights Over Family Dinner

End Fights Over Family Dinner

Having fights over family dinner? Is family dinner time stressful and more of a family fight? Cooking and eating meals together is a great way to implement healthy eating habits as a family. However, unpleasant food fights with your children can set any healthy eating plan awry. Ways to End Fights Over Family Dinner 1. Set […]

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Fresh vs. Frozen Produce: Which Fruits and Vegetables are Best?

fresh vs. frozen produce

Let’s compare fresh vs. frozen produce as well as canned produce. If you are trying to eat healthier, you are probably including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. However, shopping for groceries can be confusing with the amount of selection available. This blog covers the differences between fresh, canned and frozen fruits, and what […]

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Take Advantage of Seasonal Summer Produce

Seasonal Summer Produce

Are you taking advantage of seasonal summer produce? Seasonal eating simply means eating what is in season, right now.  Eating seasonally can have health benefits, as it can add variety to your diet and introduce you to new fruits and vegetables. Here are 5 easy tips to get started this summer, including what to look […]

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