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5 Reasons to Try Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow
Pilates Flow is a workout that combines strength training, cardio, and mind body balance into one fun and dynamic workout. Here, we will discuss the benefits of mat Pilates and our newest fun class, Pilates Flow!
  1. Strengthen Your Core. Many Pilates moves focus on the core, or “powerhouse”, in Pilates terms. If you have been looking for a core-centric workout, it might be time to give Pilates a try. Because Pilates Flow adds cardio to traditional mat Pilates, you will also burn more calories in Pilates Flow while strengthening your abs and back.
  2. Focus on Your Breath. Yoga often gets the attention when it comes to breath-based movement, but Pilates is also a great breath-based workout. Learn proper breathing and develop your mind-body connection with Pilates Flow.
  3. Get a Great Bodyweight Workout. Pilates Flow strengthens more than just your core- it is a full body workout! If you are new to working out, Pilates Flow is a great place to start as you will learn proper form. It is also a good alternative to more high impact workouts.
  4. Add Flexibility. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, Pilates Flow should definitely be on your workout list. You will strengthen and stretch at the same time, developing long and lean muscles.
  5. Burn Calories. While traditional Pilates is not a huge calorie burner, the added cardio of Pilates Flow gets your heart rate up and burns more calories. Pilates Flow moves quickly and links traditional Pilates moves together for a fun, faster-paces workout.

Pilates Flow is a great way to strengthen, tone and burn calories. It is a perfect addition to your regular classes or a great place to start working out! To learn more about this fun workout or to try Pilates Flow, contact us or stop in to KareBoost Health.

Classes start Wednesday August 23, 2017 at 9am at KareBoost Health!!! Come Check Out our new Pilates Flow!!


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