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Are Your Kids Stressed? 3 Reasons to Try Yoga

Are Your Kids Stressed

Are your kids stressed? Kids today face all kinds of stress that you might not have experienced growing up. Between school, extracurricular activities, and the many demands of technology, today’s children tend to be under a lot of stress. If your children are showing signs of anxiety, or you would like them to have a healthy approach towards stress, yoga can help. Here are 3 reasons to try family yoga.

Kids Stressed: 3 Reasons to Try Yoga

  1. Physical Activity. Getting enough physical activity Is key to reducing stress. Organized sports can be competitive and very physical. They may not be a great fit for all kids. Even if your child enjoys organized sports, it is good to have a complimentary activity that is not competitive and focused more on internal reward. Yoga is noncompetitive but still physically and mentally challenging.
  2. Reduce Screen Time. Yoga gives kids a welcome reprieve from screens. Kids will have a chance to rest their eyes and will develop a skill that is not dependent on technology. The constant stimulation of phones, tv and computers is not healthy for growing brains. Moderating technology use can be hard, but yoga is a screen-free zone. Technology has also made us more sedentary. Yoga is a great place to start moving more.
  3. Family Time. If you feel like you do not get enough time together as a family, a yoga class is a great place to start. You will be in a fun, relaxed environment. Often a family yoga class gives people the opportunity to work together, and you will have a bonding experience to discuss at home. Experiencing these fun and happy moments with your family is key to reducing everyone’s stress!

Ready to try yoga with the family? Family yoga meets every Monday at 5 pm at KareBoost Health. All ages and abilities are welcome. Contact us to find out more!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health


Hate Exercise? 3 Tips to Change Your Mind

hate exercise

Do you hate exercise? If you are trying to move more but are finding the motivation to exercise difficult, you are not alone. You do not have to be a gym rat to reap the benefits of regular movement, which include more energy, reduced stress and reduced risk of illness and disease. If you do not like spending time at the gym, here are 3 tips that might help you become a frequent mover.

Hate Exercise? 3 Tips to Change Your Mind

  1. Go outside. The gym can be smelly, crowded and loud. If you are new to exercise, it can also be intimidating. Exercise does not have to be expensive, fancy or complicated to work. Walking is incredibly effective exercise, and most of us could do more of it. Find a safe, well-lit park close to home or work, and start walking. You don’t have to start with miles of walking either: a 10-minute walk two or three times a day will make a big difference.
  2. Find Your Jam. Music can make a big difference. If you have tried exercising without music, try putting on your favorite tunes and going for a walk. You might notice the time goes a lot more quickly. Or just put on some fun music at home and have a family dance party!
  3. Vary it up. Getting stuck in the same class or exercise routine might leave you feeling bored and unfulfilled. If you usually like to run or lift weights, try a yoga class for something difference. Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone- you might be surprised!

For more tips on making exercise fun and enjoyable for every member of your family, set up a free consultation with KareBoost Health. We have a fresh and creative approach to healthy living, and will support you on your journey towards wellness.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health

Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

If you have camping and hiking trips on your agenda, it is important to have a plan to meet your nutritional needs. Having a plan is essential to staying hydrated, nourished and happy throughout all your outdoor activities. Here are 5 tips to staying healthy on your next outdoor adventure.

Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

  1. Overpack. Yes, we are encouraging you to overpack! Food and water needs are usually higher on an activity-based outdoor trip. Pay extra attention to hydration- you will need lots of water, especially if it is hot outside. Consider how long your trip is, if you can bring a cooler, how many people are going and what food-related tools you’ll need.
  2. Hydrate. Pre-hydrate for your hike by drinking 3-4 cups of water before your hike. A good rule of thumb is to plan for 2 cups of fluid for every hour of hiking. If you will not have access to clean water, plan to bring enough for everyone on your trip.
  3. Day trips. If you are just planning a day trip, pack mostly non-perishables so you do not have to also pack ice packs to keep food cold. The less you can carry, the better. For day trips, pack trail mix, nuts or nut butter, fresh fruit such as apples or bananas, granola and shelf-stable jerky.
  4. Multi-Day Trips. If you are camping and hiking for an extended period of time, plan on bringing a cold source with you such as a cooler and ice packs to keep perishable food safe. Also bring the non-perishables listed above, and consider bringing ready to eat cereal, fruit and vegetable puree in pouches, canned fish or poultry, pasta and pancake mix.
  5. Food Safety. Follow food safety rules to stay safe and healthy during your trip. Bring disposable wipes or hand sanitizer in case you have no access to water and soap. If you are cooking, bring a food thermometer with you to make sure food is cooked to a proper temperature. Remember that perishable food cannot be kept out for longer than an hour in hot weather, and no longer than 2 hours in mild weather.

With these tips in mind, you will be fully prepared for your next hiking or camping trip. For more advice on planning fun, healthy trips with your family, set up a free consultation with KareBoost Health today!

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health


Ways to Include Physical Activity In Your Day

Include Physical Activity In Your Day

Physical activity is important for a healthy lifestyle. The basic guideline for physical activity is 150 minutes a week. However, research shows that light activity during your day is also an important factor for reducing the risk of chronic disease. Here are 3 ways to include physical activity during your day, without having to block off large amounts of time for a workout.

3 Ways to Include Physical Activity In Your Day

  1. Park Far Away. Parking far away from your destination is an easy habit to get into. It does not add a lot of time to your day, and you will greatly increase the amount you walk. Park far away at work and while running errands- those big parking lots at shopping centers are perfect! Increase your step count even more by taking the stairs when possible and take a brisk walk out to your car after lunch. Those 5 minutes walks throughout your day really add up.
  2. Drink Lots of Water. We could all probably drink more water. Hydration is important for overall health and making sure you stay hydrated will also mean more frequent trips to the bathroom. Take advantage of bathroom breaks to get up from your desk and walk the halls of your office.
  3. Communicate in Person. Do you send emails, messages and call coworkers? Instead of using technology to communicate, get up from your desk and walk over to their desk. You’ll be getting physical activity in while also perhaps getting more done. Face to face communication is very effective! If your office supports it, suggest walking meetings instead of sitting meetings. A short walk and fresh air will put a new perspective on meetings.

There are lots of ways to include light physical activity throughout your day. These are some simple ideas to get you started. At KareBoost Health, we are here to support you in your journey towards health and believe that getting healthy should be fun and accessible for all. Set up a free consultation today to learn more!

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health


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