3 Benefits of Family Yoga

3 Benefits of Family Yoga

If you already have a yoga practice, you might be curious about extending the benefits of family yoga to everyone. Or, perhaps you would like to try yoga but cannot find the time between work and family to attend a class. Family yoga is a great way to get the whole family moving. Here are 3 reasons to try yoga as a family.

3 Benefits of Family Yoga

  1. Move More. Any activity that gets the whole family moving is fantastic. However, winter weather can make it difficult to get outside for a walk or hike. Yoga is a great alternative. Plus, trying a new activity together is a great way to bond as a family. Yoga is a non-competitive environment, which offers both parents and kids a break from sports and other more demanding activities.
  2. Stress Less. Perhaps finding child-care makes it difficult to make time to exercise. Family yoga eliminates the need to find child-care, and gives you and your family a great opportunity to exercise. Yoga also offers stress-relief and stress-management skills, which is beneficial at any age.
  3. Network. You might find that family yoga offers a new environment for both children and parents to make friends. You might people outside of your usual circle of school and work, and have an opportunity to bond with parents who share similar interests.

KareBoost Health offers Kids Yoga every Sunday at 11:45 for children 8 and over. Parents are welcome to attend. Try family yoga, and see the benefits for yourself!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
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