3 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Active

3 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Active

We need to encourage kids to be active in today’s video game climate. If exercise sounds like a chore to you and your family, being active can mean getting outside of the traditional exercise box. Physical activity is good for kids and promotes growth and development. Kids need at least 60 minutes of activity a day, but this does not have to be all at once. Here are some ideas to make activity fun and fit your schedule.

3 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Active

Walk Everywhere. If distance and age appropriate, walking to and from school is a good way for kids to move. If your kids are too young to walk or bike by themselves, consider walking with them instead of driving them. Think about all the places you regularly drive to. There might be errands and activities that you and your family can walk or bike to instead.

Grow A Garden. A garden is a great way to get outside a moving. Kids can help plant, water and weed. If you do not have the space for a garden, look for a community garden in your area. Selecting and growing your own produce will also get kids excited about eating their veggies.

Athletics. Some kids enjoy competitive athletics. Try different sports and see if anything resonates with your children. However, competitive sports are not for every child, and if your child dreads practice and games, do not force them into it. There are plenty of ways to stay active.

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