3 Myths About Yoga – Busted!

3 Myths About Yoga

Have you heard myths about yoga? Have you always wanted to try yoga but are nervous about walking into your first class? Today, we will discuss 3 common myths about yoga, and explain why they should not keep you from enjoying the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

3 Myths About Yoga – Busted!

  1. I’m Not Flexible. The images of yoga on social media are often of slim, very flexible people doing circus-like contortions. This is not an accurate representation of what a real-life yoga class looks like. Yoga is for people of all bodies and ages. Look for a class that emphasizes more than the physical poses of yoga (called asana) and incorporates mindfulness, meditation and breath work. Try classes at different studios, gyms and fitness centers until you find a teacher and class you are comfortable with. The class should be inclusive and welcoming of all students.
  2. I’m New to Yoga. While some classes can be physically challenging, there are many different types of yoga. There are chair yoga classes, gentle classes, more vigorous flow classes and classes specifically for beginners. If you are new to yoga, find a studio and teacher that is comfortable working with beginners. Call ahead to gather information about classes.
  3. I Don’t Know What to Expect. Yoga is different from an exercise class or workout. It is understandable to be nervous about learning a new skill. If you are very apprehensive about attending a group class, consider booking a few private sessions at a studio to learn more about the practice. There are also many resources online about yoga but know that you will get far more out of an in-person experience. However, you can familiarize yourself with some facts about yoga by watching a few videos online before attending your first class.

With these common myths about yoga busted, walk into your next yoga class with confidence! Paying attention in class to your teacher, your body and your breath is the only requirement of becoming a successful yoga student. At KareBoost Health, we welcome students of all levels. Contact us today to find out more!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
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