3 Reasons to Try Virtual Yoga

3 Reasons to Try Virtual Yoga

Virtual yoga classes may be the answer to maintaining your fitness regimen. Due to COVID-19, our KareBoost Health Center has been required to close with all of our in-person classes being canceled. You may find yourself working from home, enjoying less activity than normal, and missing your yoga classes!

We are now happy to offer Virtual One-On-One Yoga Sessions that can be done from home. We are also planning to roll out Virtual Yoga Group Classes in the near future.

Here are 3 Reasons to Try Virtual Yoga

Stress Reduction: Stress can take a toll on not only our mental health but also our physical health. Right now, there is a lot of stress coming from the news, events in the world and also all of the changes in our personal lives. Perhaps you are now working at home and trying to home school your children. Yoga and meditation are great ways to reduce stress. In a Virtual one-on-one session, we can address your unique concerns, just like we would in a regular private session.

Counter Sedentary Habits: If you are working from home, you may find that you are sitting just as much as you would at the office! You currently cannot go to the gym. So, Yoga is perfect for home practice as you do not need much equipment. A yoga mat or even a carpeted surface will suffice. Practicing virtually with a teacher will also motivate you and keep you on track.

Create Positive Change: Maybe you are new to yoga or always wanted to try it. Now is a perfect time to create a new habit, especially if you have more time on your hands! Virtual private yoga is great for beginners, as you will not worry about keeping up with a class. You can also ask your teacher questions and communicate about your needs and concerns.

Ready to schedule your Virtual Yoga Session? We are offering these one-on-one sessions at a rate of $40/hour, reduced from $75 (Corona Discount).

Contact KareBoost Health to schedule and learn more at 732-860-5273 (KARE). Let’s keep practicing yoga together!

Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Kara Unal, JD, RYT
– KareBoost Health


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