3 Reasons to Try Yoga For Stress Relief

Reasons to Try Yoga For Stress Relief

Have you considered Yoga For Stress Relief? Fall is nearly here, and with the change of seasons can often come new stressors and responsibilities. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed by stress this season, it might be time to give yoga a try. Yoga can offer us tools to manage stress, and help us learn how to cope with the stress of every day life.

Here, 3 reasons to try yoga for stress relief.

1. Slow down. Often, we think the best way to manage stress is to do as much as possible all the time. However, this can have the opposite effect and make us even more stressed. Yoga offers an opportunity to slow down, and to notice where stress or panic occurs in the body. By identifying the physical feelings of stress, we can begin to notice our patterns and how we respond to stress. Becoming aware of stress is the first step towards reducing it.

2. Breathe. Controlled breathing is a fundamental part of yoga. Learning to control your breath can reduce stress by quieting the mind. Paying attention to your breath will also give your mind something to focus on, besides your to-do list.

3. Let go of judgment. Yoga teaches non-judgment towards yourself and others. Much of our stress comes from being hard on ourselves, or getting frustrated with others, often over things we cannot control. Yoga can teach us to let go of some of these judgments, and to be more compassionate with ourselves.

Our yoga classes are ideal for stress relief, and we offer classes for beginners and advanced alike. We even have Yoga with Reiki. Join us at KareBoost Health to learn more about how yoga can help you better cope with stress.

Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health