3 Reasons Yoga Can Help Fight Pediatric Obesity

pediatric obesity

Today, one in five kids between the ages of 6-19 suffers pediatric obesity. Pediatric Obesity has immediate and long-term effects on well-being and health. If you are looking to address childhood obesity, physical activity is key to developing a healthy weight. Today, we will discuss how yoga can be a healthy physical activity for children and teens.

3 Reasons Yoga Fights Pediatric Obesity 

1. Yoga is Noncompetitive
Many childhood athletic activities come in the form of team sports.  However, team sports simply are not a good fit for every person.  Movement should be enjoyable, and while many aspects of team sports are positive, the competition and peer pressure does not help everyone succeed.  Yoga emphasizes an internal focus, as opposed to an external focus.  Kids can learn to focus on how movement makes them feel, instead of on an external goal such as winning the competition.  

2. There is a class for everyone
Contrary to popular belief, not all yoga classes are fast moving and athletic.  There are many different types of yoga to explore.  Many studios offer classes specifically for children and teens.  Research different types of yoga and reach out to your local studio to find a good fit for your child.  Most studios will be happy to answer your questions and help you find an appropriate class.  Start out with gentle classes such as beginners’ yoga, restorative yoga and chair yoga.  If you do not love the first class you try, do not be afraid to try a different type of class or even a different studio.  

3. Yoga can be a lifelong practice
Many people introduce their children to sports because of the benefits sports have off the field.  Yoga also introduces many skills that can give your child tools they need to develop into a healthy adult.  Yoga focuses more on internal feelings rather than external appearance, which can helps kids fight messages that skinny is the equivalent of healthy.  Yoga is a practice that can be done without a lot of resources and without other people, which makes it a perfect activity that kids can continue into college and beyond.  Most significantly, creating a safe space for your child to develop a rich internal life will serve them well throughout adolescence and adulthood.

If your child struggles with pediatric obesity and you want to introduce them to yoga but you are not sure where to begin, KareBoost Health can help.  We offer family yoga and yoga geared towards new students of all ages and sizes.

Kara Unal, JD, RYT
Yoga Instructor
KareBoost Health


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