3 Ways to Boost Willpower

3 Ways to Boost Willpower

Changing your habits and making healthy choices sometimes feels like a constant test of willpower. Exerting your willpower all the time can be exhausting, and your willpower might even feel like it has a limit. However, there are many easy ways to boost willpower and make those choices into habits. Here are 3 strategies to start with.

3 Ways to Boost Willpower

Plan. Tackle tough tasks when you have a lot of energy, not when you get home and are exhausted. Meal prepping over the weekend when you are less stressed is a great example of planning when your willpower is high. Chop veggies and freeze simple soups and casseroles to reheat during the week. It will make choosing a simple homemade dinner when you get home much easier. Grocery shop right after you have eaten, not when you are hungry. You will choose wisely if you are not also fighting hunger.

Boost. Staring to down a sleeve of cookies? Distract yourself with a short walk around the block or that book you have been excited to read. If you are hungry, have a healthy snack with produce and fiber. The temptation might go away if you give your brain something else to do. Keep treats where you cannot see them and don’t buy foods that overly tempt you.

Forgive. We are all human, and a few setbacks do not nullify your hard work and excellent choices. Practice being kind to yourself. Remember that every healthy lifestyle has room for enjoyment. Try practicing the 80:20 rule- if 80 percent of your diet is nutrient dense, 20 percent can be for the foods that add enjoyment and pleasure to your life.

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Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
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