3 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy New Year

3 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy New Year

Let’s help you have a healthy new year. Whether or not you intend to set New Year resolutions, the New Year can be a great time to set new goals or come back to healthy goals that may have gotten set aside during the busy holiday season. Here are three ways to not only set effective New Year goals but also stick to them.

3 Ways to have a Healthy New Year

  1. Start Small. Set small, manageable goals that you can stick to. Even the smallest change is effective over time. For example, set a goal to walk for 10 minutes every day. That’s over an hour of extra walking a week! Plus, by setting goals that you can accomplish, you will feel a sense of pride and be more likely to stick to your resolutions. Making resolutions that do not fit into your lifestyle, budget or schedule is self-defeating. Set goals you can celebrate!
  2. Do What You Like. While you might think that running a marathon is a great way to lose weight, if you hate running, it’s probably not an activity you will stick to in the long run. Do you love to dance? Take a dance class. Are you a night owl? Find an activity or class that’s scheduled for evening. Forcing yourself to do an activity you hate probably won’t work for you. A healthy lifestyle is the one that is sustainable for you.
  3. Don’t Go It Alone. Make resolutions as a family or find a friend to pair up with. Making changes are easier with someone else to hold you accountable. You could also look for a walking or hiking group in your area. If you are making resolutions as a family, get input from everyone. Kids are a lot more likely to participate when their input is heard and valued.

New Year resolutions can be simple and sustainable when you start small. At KareBoost Health, we believe that everyone can have a healthy lifestyle, and we are here to help you find it. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health



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