3 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Exercise

Motivate Your Kids to Exercise

Let’s look at ways to motivate your kids to exercise. Current guidelines suggest that kids get at least an hour a day of activity. This hour is probably easily met with younger kids, who run outside at recess, play games and are generally active. However, as kids get older, the demands on their time increase, as do the temptations of technology.

Here are 3 ways to motivate your kids to exercise.

  1. Find an Activity They Enjoy. If your kids like organized sports, they can be a great way to stay active. However, not all kids like organized sports, and forcing them to participate in something they dread will not encourage them to like exercise at all. Explore alternatives, like yoga or dance classes. Even something as simple as taking an evening walk together as a family, or hiking on the weekends, will help contribute to your child’s movement needs. Explore different options until you find something your child likes.
  2. Be a Positive Role Model. Not all kids are athletes, and neither are all adults. Plenty of healthy adults meet their physical movement needs in varied and interesting ways, and the same applies to children. Find activities that you yourself enjoy, and let your children see that exercise is enjoyable, not a punishment. Your kids will be far more likely to participate in and make exercise a life-long habit if you demonstrate that for them.
  3. Encourage the Casual Athlete. Maybe your child loves sports, but is never going to be a star athlete. Even if they do excel at sports, keep the focus positive and encouraging. It’s important that athletes of all abilities keep up with schoolwork, enjoy their sport and get rest. Keep sports in perspective, and help your kids develop a positive attitude towards exercise.

Still looking for ways to motivate your kids to exercise? Our holistic health coaching team can help you find ways to move more as a family and meet your exercise goals. We also offer a kids yoga class, open to kids of all levels over the age of 8. Our holistic approach can help the various members of your family find ways to move that they enjoy.

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