3 Yoga Props to Invest In for a Home Practice

Yoga Props to Invest In

Wondering what Yoga Props to Invest In for a Home Practice? Perhaps you have been attending yoga classes regularly and would like to deepen your practice by developing an at-home practice. Or maybe studio classes do not work for your schedule or resources. An at-home yoga practice is a wonderful way to access the benefits of yoga and has many advantages. If you are starting to practice at home, here are 3 Yoga Props to Invest In (and their at-home alternatives) to consider.

3 Yoga Props to Invest In

  1. A Mat. If you have been borrowing a mat from the studio you practice at, now is the time to invest in your own mat. Look for a mat that is grippy, supportive without being too soft, and easy to clean. It is best to practice on hard wood floors with a yoga mat. If you have carpet at home, consider practicing in your kitchen or anywhere with a tile or wood floor.
  2. Blocks. Foam blocks are a necessity in any yoga studio because they make poses more accessible for everyone. Not everyone’s limbs are the same length, so blocks help to work around this issue. Using blocks will help you work smarter, but not easier. If you cannot purchase block, thick books can work well.
  3. A Blanket. A yoga blanket has many uses. It can be a supportive pillow underneath your head or folded up as a prop in restorative poses. Blankets are also a wonderful way to create strength and resistance work against a slippery floor. Yoga blankets work best for yoga, but you might be able to use a towel or rolled up sweatshirt for some poses.

Yoga props are instrumental to creating a home practice. Having a few props might also entice you to set up a nice yoga area at home, and to use it frequently! Some people also prefer having their own props and bringing them to class. If you’re still curious about using props, we offer yoga classes for all levels.

Come to class and find out what to do with those blocks! We can also do private lessons to work around your schedule.

Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health