5 Benefits of Family Yoga

Taking a family yoga class can have great health benefits for you and your children, and even has benefits that extend beyond the physical.  Whether you decide to take a mommy and me class with your baby, or seek out a well-rounded family yoga class for you and your older kids, family yoga can give kids a sense of confidence and calm that will benefit them in life.  Here are 5 reasons to get started.
1.      Try something new together!  Just like adults, kids want to be good at things, and the unfamiliar can be, well, uncomfortable.  If you have never tried yoga before, and you are nervous about doing so, a family yoga class is a perfect place to start.  Family yoga might be more relaxed and laidback than an adult class, and you might be having so much fun with your kids you will forget to be nervous!
2.      Be bold and set a great example.  While yoga might not be that unfamiliar, embarking on new adventures and trying new things with your kids teaches them important lessons.  Having experience being new at something will set your kids up for success when they continue to be faced with the unfamiliar in school and beyond.  Also, set a great example by giving yoga a chance- generally, it takes about 3 classes to feel comfortable and really start to enjoy the practice.
3.      Connect as a family.  Yoga is a great opportunity to put those cell phones away and move!  If getting your kids to put down their electronic devices and pay attention is a bit of a challenge, a family yoga class can be a great change to connect in a technology free zone.
4.      Slow down.  Just like adults, kids today can be overscheduled between school, sports, after school activities and studying.  Giving kids an opportunity to explore a fun activity in a non-competitive environment can help them learn how to relax and restore.
5.      Learn from each other!  Yoga is unique in that each person’s rich inner life translates into an individual practice.  You might learn something new about your kids, and they will have a wonderful chance to see you learn a new skill as an adult. 
If you are inspired to start a family yoga practice, check out the wonderful family yoga classes and more that KareBoost Health offers. 
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Kara Unal JD, RYT
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