5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

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            Weight loss and diets are incredibly popular in today’s society. With the myriad of quick fixes offered, it is no surprise that people often seek out fad diets and products claiming fast and easy weight loss. However, finding and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle change that requires an adjustment in routine and habits.    Here, we will discuss 5 ideas to consider when embarking on a weight loss plan. 
1) Healthy weight loss takes time.  An ideal plan aims for a loss of no more than ½ a pound to 1 pound per week.  Weight loss over a pound a week is typically a loss of water, bone or muscle. Remember true health is not a number on a scale, and if a plan sounds to good to be true, it probably is. 
2) Avoid restrictive diets.  The cabbage soup diet or grapefruit diet may sound appealing with promises of rapid weight loss, but chances are you will quickly tire of eating the same thing repeatedly and slip back to old habits.  Also, a healthy diet includes a diverse array of foods to insure your body gets the nutrients it requires to function well.
3) Include exercise.  Diet plans that promise weight loss without exercise should send up a red flag.  30 -60 minutes most days a week of an activity you enjoy is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind.
4) Be wary of diets with rigid menus and strict requirements.  Any diet with no room for error will be hard to maintain.  Keep in mind that maintaining weight loss is a lifelong process, and if you cannot incorporate a diet’s strict requirements for a few weeks, it is probably not a diet that will work for life. 
5) Know yourself.  Think realistically about how much time you have to shop for and prepare food.  For example, if you travel a lot for work, a plan that requires all home cooked meals will lead to frustration. 
For a personalized plan and individual support, ditch the fad diets and consult with our dietitian and health coach instead.  Fad diets and weight loss products promise quick results, but at best they only work temporarily and at worst can be very dangerous to your health.  Our dietitian and health coach can help you find a realistic, flexible plan that you can incorporate into your schedule and budget.  Finding a plan that you can stick with will result in long-term changes. 
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