5 Must-Have Healthy Cooking Tools

5 Must-Have Healthy Cooking Tools

You may have healthy food but do you have healthy cooking tools. Cooking more at home is an excellent way to establish healthy eating habits. Preparing your own meals gives you control over the ingredients and method of preparation. It is also a great way to get the whole family in the kitchen. However, shopping for cookware can be overwhelming. Here are 5 basics that will get you through most recipes.

5 Must-Have Healthy Cooking Tools

Chef’s Knife. If you only buy one knife, buy a chef’s knife. This large 8 to 10-inch knife can handle cuts of meat and delicate fruits and vegetables. You will save money buying whole fruits and vegetables rather than pre-chopped.

Food Thermometer. If you are preparing meat, poultry or fish, a thermometer is the only way to guarantee that food is cooked to a proper internal temperature to prevent foodborne illness.

Roasting Sheet. A roasting sheet is just a heavy-duty baking tray, but it is perfect for roasting vegetables for healthy side dishes. Toss chopped up cauliflower, carrots, onions or other veggies with olive oil and bake!

Colander. A colander is essential for rinsing and draining pasta, beans and lentils. It also comes in handy to wash more delicate fruits like berries.

Kitchen Tongs. Tongs are an essential extension of your hands in the kitchen. Use them to toss roasting veggies, remove corn on the cob and handle baked potatoes.

These kitchen basics will help you to cook most recipes with success. Cooking at home can be pleasurable and fun for the whole family, as well as healthy. Being prepared helps. For more simple cooking and healthy eating tips, set up a free health consultation with us today!

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
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