5 Reasons to Choose MyPlate

EVENT: Health Coaching Group Sessions- Choose My Plate
WHERE: KareBoost Health (107 Cedar Grove, Suite 100, Somerset, NJ 08873)
TIME: Tuesday at 4:30pm on March 14, 2017
            Choose MyPlate is the newest USDA food guide.  It aims to eliminate confusion about healthy eating, and to help you to find a healthy eating style you can stick with for life.  With its focus on variety, nutrition and serving sizes, MyPlate encourages a healthy eating style that is adaptable and useful for life.  Read on for our take on MyPlate, and click here to access the USDA’s site.
1.      Simple is key.  Unlike previous food guides, MyPlate is very simple.  The graphic is a well-proportioned plate, and has five food groups: fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy.  Instead of worrying over specific foods, any food in that group will fit into the plan.
2.      Variety.  A very strict diet is hard to follow for life.  MyPlate actually encourages variety, as you can pick any food that fits into the category.  The guidelines also suggest varying sources of protein, fruits and vegetables.     
3.      Small changes=big results.  This food guide is very realistic, as nothing is banned, but small changes are encouraged.  With MyPlate, half of your meal is comprised of fruits and vegetables.  This small change can lead to big results!  The guidelines also encourage switching to low-fat dairy, and making half of your grains whole grains.
4.      Inclusive.  This plan adapts well to special diets and needs.  Vegetarians, vegans and those who are eating gluten free can use this diet plan, as it is more focused on general food groups, variety and nutrition.  Because it allows for variety, this healthy eating plan can be adapted easily. 
5.      Interactive and supportive.  The new guidelines also come with online support and community.  Online tools include a food and physical activity tracker, recipes and articles to help you gather more information about a healthy eating plan.
            KareBoost has additional resources to help you stay on track, including a workshop on MyPlate.  Join our Dietitian on March 14 to learn more!  Healthy eating can be interesting and delicious, especially with the proper tools and support!
Come Check out our Nutrition Workshop on Choose My Plate on Tuesday, March 14 at 4:30pm!! 
Andrea Berez MS, RD, CSP
Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health