5 Reasons to Consider Health Coaching

EVENT: Health Coaching Group Sessions
WHERE: KareBoost Health (107 Cedar Grove, Suite 100, Somerset, NJ 08873)
TIME: Weekly on Thursdays at 5pm
In today’s blog, we will discuss what coaching is and how it can directly help you achieve your life goals.  Coaching can assist you in all areas of life, whether you would like to make career changes or start making healthier food choices.  A good coach can help you identify and focus on your priorities and provide a safe environment where you can build the structure and accountability necessary to change.  Here are five reasons to seek one out today!  
1.      Clarity.  Between work, school, family and other obligations, you may feel like you are being pulled in twenty different directions.  Your coach will help you determine what your priorities are and help you to stay focused on what is really important to you. 
2.      Vision.  It can be difficult to obtain enough perspective on our own lives to see our weak areas.  Coaches create a safe and productive environment to identify blind spots, and help you realize what may be missing from your plan.  They will be honest with you, but in a productive and non-critical manner.
3.      Accountability.  It is a lot easier to stay on track with support.  You can absolutely accomplish your goals on your own, but for most of us, having someone to answer to is incredibly motivating.  Coaches also keep you on track and help identify behaviors and actions that are bringing you closer to your goal.
4.      Focus.  Goal setting is wonderful, but trying to accomplish everything at once can backfire.  A coach can help you identify what is really important to you, and can also advise you on the opportunities that are best deserving of your time and energy. 
5.      Learn new skills.  Coaching originated as a way for high-powered business executives to gain a competitive advantage and increase engagement at work.  While your goal might be health related, many of the same skills apply.  Because coaching originated in a business environment, coaches model skills that are valuable for leader.  After working with a coach for some time, you might notice that you start to adopt powerful listening and questioning techniques- equally useful at home or in the boardroom! 
An investment in yourself is an investment that provides consistent benefits.  Whether you are interested in changing your diet, living a happier life, or setting your whole family on a path to health, KareBoost’s group coaching sessions can help you identify your goals and set you up for success. 
Join us every Thursday at 5 pm for adult group health coaching.  
Greg Bing, M.Ed., A.C.E. Certified Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist
Kara Unal JD, RYT
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