5 Reasons to Eat the Rainbow!

5 Reasons to Eat the Rainbow!

Do you eat the rainbow? Healthy eating does not have to be complicated or difficult. Instead of trying fad diets and buying the latest healthy eating products, try something simple. Add more color into your diet! Here are 5 reasons to make your plate into a colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables!

5 Reasons to Eat the Rainbow!

They Are Full of Good. Colorful fruits and veggies are full of the vitamins, minerals and fiber we all need in our diets. These fiber heavy foods also fill you up, meaning you will eat less of the not-so-nutritious stuff.

They Are Free of the Bad. Fruits and veggies are low in saturated fat, contain no trans fats and have very little or no sodium. The sugar in fruit is natural and does not affect your body in the same way as processed sugar, especially when you eat the whole fruit and not just the juice.

Banish Hunger. Produce is generally high in nutrients and low in calories, so it is hard to overdo. The high water and fiber content will also fill you up. Replacing less healthy foods with fruit and vegetables is an easy first step to healthy eating.

They Are Simple. Whether you buy fresh, frozen or canned, just look for produce with no added ingredients. Pre-chopped veggies, bananas and berries in a bag make easy on the go snacks. Steam veggies for an easy side. Add avocado on a sandwich. There are many simple ways to eat produce.

They Make a Difference. A diet rich in produce is good for you and can help lower your risk of serious and chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Looking for more simple swaps? Set up a free health consultation today to find out how we can help you eat the rainbow! We are here to make a healthy lifestyle work for you.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health