5 Reasons to Introduce Your Kids to Yoga

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Perhaps you have seen how a regular yoga practice has strengthened your body and calmed your mind, and you are wondering if these benefits could translate to your children.  Kids can also benefit from developing a yoga practice, and children’s yoga classes are becoming increasingly available.  

    1) Increase mind-body awareness.  Introducing kids to yoga and mindfulness early can reduce anxiety and increasing concentration in school.  Even teaching young children simple breathing techniques begins to cultivate a calm and disciplined mind.   

    2) Develop strength and flexibility.  Yoga can help kids to develop body awareness and introduce healthy habits.  For children that do not enjoy competitive sports, yoga is a wonderful alternative physical activity.  The internal focus of yoga can provide a welcome relief from the constant pressure children face to do well in school, sports and all of their activities.  

    3) Yoga is for life! As they grow, your children can integrate their yoga practice into daily life, and can take it with them into college, work and beyond.  You do not need much room or a team to do yoga, and the practice can change as they change.  

    4) Find an age appropriate class.  Offerings can range from teen yoga to yoga for very small children.  In general, teenagers 15 and older can attend adult classes, but if your teen is new to yoga, seek out a beginner class or gentle yoga.  For younger children, look for classes that are shorter in duration and fun.  All classes should teach an awareness of the breath, and both strength and flexibility will be incorporated.  

    5) Bring your practice home! Chances are your children will want to participate in something they see you enjoying so much.  Observing you practice yoga is much more powerful than you telling them to do something because it is good for them.  

    Consider introducing your children to yoga, and remember that yoga is about so much more than asana, or poses.  Providing a way for your children to learn to ground themselves and reflect on their inner world is a powerful tool that will serve them well into adulthood!  

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Kara Unal JD, RYT
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