5 Steps To A Better Salad

5 Steps To A Better Salad

let’s look at how to make a better salad. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is excellent for your health. Produce is full of fiber and essential nutrients, and it is also filling, keeping you satisfied and less likely to snack.

5 easy tips to step up your salad game!

1. Pick Your Greens.

Dark leafy lettuces hold up well to other ingredients and make an excellent base for your salad. Look for greens like spinach, romaine and arugula. You can also combine dark leafy greens for an interesting mix.

2. Don’t Forget Protein.

Salad can absolutely be your main meal, but if it is, make sure to include lean protein. Fish such as salmon or sardines, rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, work well. Beans add protein, fiber and flavor, or chop up a hard-boiled egg.

3. Sweeten with Fruit.

Yes, salad can have fruit! Berries add natural sweetness, color and flavor. Dried fruit is also fine, just make sure it has no added sugar.

4. Bulk Up With Grains.

Experiment with adding whole grains such as couscous, bulgar, wild rice or quinoa to your salad. Grains will give salad the bulk and satisfaction of a whole meal.

5. Dress It Well.

Skip the heavy store bought dressings and make a simple one of your own. Oil, vinegar and a few spices make a simple, healthy dressing. Try equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add any spices you have on hand.

In need of more fresh dinner ideas? At KareBoost Health, we help you to find healthy meal ideas that are also accessible and make sense for your lifestyle. Set up your free consultation today to find out more!

Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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