5 Ways to Apply SMART Goals to your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: The beginning of the year can be a great time to set goals, but people often fall behind on unrealistic and unattainable goals. Today, we will discuss how SMART goals can help you stick to your resolutions without the usual frustration. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-framed.

Here are 5 ideas for New Year Resolutions you can actually stick to.

  1. Specific New Year Resolutions: It is wonderful to start out with goals like “I would like to eat healthier” or “I would like to move more”, but defining what that means for you will make your goals more attainable. Narrow down your goal and be as clear as possible. A specific goal is “I will walk 30 minutes a day” or “I will eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day”.
  2. Measurable New Year Resolutions : Set goals that are easily quantified. For example, instead of “exercise more”, try “instead of taking the elevator to my office, I will take the stairs”.
  3. Attainable New Year Resolutions : To set goals that are achievable, think about what is realistic with your schedule and life. If you are not a morning person, setting a goal to work out every morning at 5 am will probably not end up working for you. Be realistic, and set goals that fit in with your already existing lifestyle.
  4. Relevant New Year Resolutions : SMART goals work because they are relevant to your life. If dinner is usually a rushed affair, do not expect to stick to a goal that involves creating a three-course meal five days a week. Instead, if your goal is to eat healthier by controlling what goes into your meals, food prep on weekends and come up with 30 minute, one-pan meals that work on rushed weekdays.
  5. Time-framed New Year Resolutions : One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is time. Setting out sustainable goals in advance will help you to form a healthy eating plan. Planning and shopping for weekly meals in advance will help to prevent ordering a pizza when everyone is starving and there is no food in the house.

Even with your S.M.A.R.T. goals in mind, know that challenges will arise. Be flexible and open to adjusting your goals as it becomes clear to you what is working and what is not. Consider working with one of our Health Coach. A Health Coach can help you to identify your resolutions, set realistic goals, and support you in your new healthy habits.

Dr. Karen Leibowitz
Health and Medical Coach
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