5 Ways to Help Kids Reduce Stress

Help Kids Reduce Stress

Let’s look at ways to help kids reduce stress. As a parent, you are probably well aware of the many stressors that your kids face. From pressure to do well in everything from school to sports to after school activities, today’s kids have a lot on their plates. Today, we will identify 5 actions you can take to help your kids reduce stress.

Ways to help kids reduce stress

  1. Not All Stress is Bad. Moderate amounts of pressure to keep grades up or to finish a school project can be motivating for children, and childhood is a time to learn how to manage stressful events in the future. However, if pressures from school, parents or coaches are causing your child to lose sleep or suffer fatigue, talk to your child and examine where the anxiety is coming from.
  2. Schedule Downtime. Balance schoolwork and other scheduled activities with time that allows your kids to relax. Schedule this time in to your calendar, and treat downtime with as much importance as you do other activities. If you show your kids that a healthy balance is important, they’ll tend to have the same attitude.
  3. Define Downtime. While you should allow kids to just play during downtime, consider making it a no-tech downtime. Video games, cell phones and television are not helping anyone’s anxiety. Get kids outside for unscheduled play, or if playing outside is not an option, provide board games, books and other tech-free activities.
  4. Learn Coping Skills. Examine how you yourself deal with anxiety and stress. Children imitate parents, and if your kids see that you are constantly stressed and anxious, they may be picking up on those feelings. Build good habits to deal with stress, and involve the whole family. Exercise is a great way to reduce anxiety, so try going on a walk together every night after dinner.
  5. Listen. Not all stress is bad, but if your child is facing too much pressure, sit down and examine activities can be limited or stopped. Children do need to learn to handle some stress, and there is a fine line between too little pressure and too much. However, stress takes a physical, mental and emotional toll, even on children. Perhaps this is a good time to think about what activities are truly necessary and beneficial to your children.

For more ways to help kids reduce stress, consider taking a yoga class or consulting a health coach. KareBoost Health offers health coaching, yoga classes for kids, and many other services.

Gina Miraglia, BA
Health Coach
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