7 More Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Stressed about staying healthy this holiday season? KareBoost Health has you covered. We have put together 7 additional healthy holiday eating strategies for these winter Holidays.

Read on for 7 strategies to survive, and actually enjoy, the holidays!

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #1 Bring Your Own Food
The best way to ensure there is a healthy dish at every gathering is to bring one. Try bringing a simple salad, veggie side dish, or soup.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #2 Avoid Shopping Hungry 
If you are planning to go to the mall or store, have a healthy, 200-calorie snack before you go. You will be much less tempted to indulge, and you will avoid the food traps at the mall.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #3 Keep a Food Diary
Writing down what you eat can help you stay committed to your goals. It will also help you recognize your personal food traps, and how stress and emotion can affect what you eat.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #4 Eat Before A Party
Having a healthy snack or light meal before going to holidays will help curb your appetite, and prevent you from over-indulging in holiday treats.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #5 Keep Healthy Snacks at Work
Instead of depriving yourself and then binging on office candy when you are inevitably hungry at work, plan ahead and stash healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and low-fat dairy at work.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #5 Manage Portion Size
Instead of depriving yourself of all holiday treats, pay attention to portions. A small piece of pie will not wreck your otherwise healthy diet, and a few bites of a treat is probably enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies #6 Choose Your Indulgences
Rather than indulging when the mood strikes, if you know that you are going to a gathering or a favorite restaurant in the next few days: Plan Ahead. Plan otherwise healthy meals and make room for the foods or treats you really want to indulge in.

Stay healthy and sane this holiday season with these 7 strategies. Still feeling stressed? Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Karen to see how KareBoost Health can support you in your healthy goals.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
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