Brain Yoga


You may have heard of eye yoga or even foot yoga. Some have tried aerial yoga and wall yoga. But brain yoga? Well, not in the true postural sense. However, yoga has many benefits to the body and the brain. Here are just a few of the many.
-Yoga benefits memory and helps ward off cognitive issues.
-Hatha yoga improves the brain function and processing (speed and accuracy).
-It prompts and enhances self-awareness and reduces stress.
-Yoga helps improve psychological health in the areas of anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are studies that suggest yoga can produce effects similar to anti-depressants and therapy.
-Yoga helps with anger management and emotional resilience.
-The meditative aspects of yoga help to lower blood pressure, improve immunity, improve sleep, lower the risks of heart disease, and calm the nervous system.
-Clinical studies have shown that yoga stimulates skin pressure receptors that boost brain activity. This influences the production and release of hormones.

​There are many types of yoga classes. Educate yourself on a style and class environment that is best for you. Often you can “sample” classes at KareBoost Health when you purchase a package. Ask current students about the particular classes and instructors. Always check with your doctor to ensure there are no yoga postures for which you might have contraindications, like inversions for example.
The benefits of yoga and meditation are far too numerous to list. Find your yoga today and make your brain happy.
By Leslie Pomeroy, CHYT
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