How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice

Develop a Home Yoga Practice

How to develop a home yoga practice…While attending a yoga class is wonderful, it is not always possible.  Today, we will discuss how to start develop a home yoga practice when you do not have the time or resources to make it to your favorite class.  There are many benefits to developing a home practice, including being able to practice more often and when it suits your schedule.  Here is how to get started!

How to develop a home yoga practice

  1. Start Small.  Consider setting an attainable goal, such as practicing for 20 minutes three times a week.  Find an area in your home that you can set aside as a dedicated practice area- that can simply mean a spare room or your bedroom. Also, dedicate a specific time to your home yoga practice when you know you will be uninterrupted- perhaps before everyone else wakes up, or when no one else is home.
  2. Start Simple.  A home yogpractice does not have to complicated.  If you have been attending class, just practice a few of your favorite poses from class and end with a nice relaxation.  There are also many resources online, including full yoga practices and yoga pose breakdowns.  You do not even need to invest in props, as many things you already have around the house will work well as yoga props.  A thick book works well as a block, and a pillow makes a great bolster!
  3. Invest in a Private Lesson.  Consider asking your yoga teacher for a private lesson at your home.  They can help you to figure out a routine that works specifically for you and that targets what you would like to work on.  For example, if you want to practice in the morning, they can show up a few gentle warm ups and stretches that you can do before moving on with your day.  Working one on one with a teacher means that you can really customize your practice and find a practice that is accessible, meaningful and fun for you!  

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