Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Trying to stay healthy this holiday season will be no easy task. Eating well during the holidays can be difficult. However, it is definitely possible to stick to your healthy eating goals while still celebrating with friends and family. Keep reading for 3 easy ways to stay healthy this holiday season.

Be Healthy This Holiday Season – Indulge in Moderation.
Every healthy diet has room for some treats. Eating healthy should not be about restriction and punishment. Prioritize which treats are important to you, and make healthy swaps for foods that you do not really want to indulge in. You might find that giving yourself permission to enjoy the occasional treat leads to much healthier eating overall, as you will avoid binge eating and punishing yourself with severe restrictions.

Be Healthy This Holiday Season – Enjoy Fall Produce 
Fall and winter offer wonderful fruits and vegetables to eat. Produce is a great choice to stay full and meet your nutritional needs. Fill up on squash, pumpkins, apples, pomegranates and more. Cook fall recipes together with your family and celebrate healthy eating!

Be Healthy This Holiday Season – Move
Sneaking in opportunities to exercise will counter the indulgences of the holiday. Try a new winter sport, or just schedule quick walks before or after a family gathering or party. Even getting together in the backyard to toss a ball around is exercise and will get the whole family moving.

If you are still feeling stressed about trying to stay healthy this holiday season, KareBoost Health can support you on your journey to wellness. Come work with our Health Coaches about your various wellness goals.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD

Health and Medical Coach

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