Exercising in Hot Weather: How to Keep Kids Safe

tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

Let’s look at some tips for Exercising in Hot Weather. Summer is a wonderful time of year to exercise outside, but hotter temperatures also bring more safety concerns. If the body’s temperature regulation system becomes overtaxed, you or your kids could be at risk of developing a heat-related illness. Here, how to keep your family safe while enjoying the summer outside.

1. Check the Temperature when Exercising in Hot Weather
If it is supposed to be an especially hot or humid day, maybe skip the long hike and opt for an indoor activity. Kids, the elderly and those not accustomed to rigorous exercise are especially at risk for heat related illness on these hot days. Also, keep in mind that your moderate two mile walk may not feel like strenuous exercise, but can be taxing on the body during an especially hot or humid day.

2. Hydrate when Exercising in Hot Weather
Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day by eating plenty of water rich foods and drinking water. Watermelon, grapefruit, tomatoes, lettuce and other water rich fruits and vegetables will help your family stay hydrated and satisfied. Water is a great choice to stay hydrated and will move quickly through the digestive tract and into tissues. Sports drinks are usually not necessary unless doing strenuous exercise for over 60 minutes.

3. Dress Smartly when Exercising in Hot Weather
Wear light-colored, sweat-wicking clothing. Look for fabric that includes UV protection, and always wear sunscreen. Sunburn decreases the body’s ability to cool itself, which is dangerous especially while exercising in already hot weather. Keep in mind that gear such as helmets and padding also increases heat- maybe save the bike ride for a cooler day, and stick to a shady walk.

Stay safe and hydrated this summer with these tips, all while enjoying the beautiful opportunities summer offers to get outside. Fall- and more temperate days- are just around the corner! Come work with our health coaches on different exercise ideas.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health