At KareBoost Health, we make it our mission to empower children and their families, using creative, fun and interactive educational tools, to take small but increasingly positive steps towards achieving their personal health and wellness goals. In addition to Phone/Skype Coaching, we provide health and wellness services at the KareBoost Center in Central NJ. Through our holistic, tailored approach of coaching to optimal health, we help clients achieve and become their best selves.
KareBoost Health offers our Holistic Health Coaching Program and our Wellness Program, together called The KB Way. Our Holistic Health Coaching Program includes a variety of coaching services by our multi-disciplinary team — including health, medical, nutrition, fitness and stress reduction coaching — to help you achieve your best self in a holistic way!  Additionally, we also offer a Wellness Program, which includes yoga and meditation classes and private sessions for all ages and all levels, medical massage therapy, and private reiki sessions, to supplement your healthy eating habits and fitness activities with these coping tools for stress reduction.
Our Holistic Health Coaching Program and our Wellness Program, together called The KB Way, created by Dr. Karen Leibowitz, Founder and CEO, emphasize the importance of targeted behavior change to improve your child’s and family’s health and wellbeing through health, medical, nutrition, stress reduction and fitness coaching. Our multi-disciplinary team works with you and your child to target specific life and health concerns and challenges, both big and small, creating a health plan tailored to you and your child’s needs. Knowing that incremental lasting changes are best made over time, our KareBoost team coaches you every step of the way — helping you move forward with ever-increasing confidence!
While our Coaching and Wellness Services are not covered by health insurance, we offer our clients reasonable prices and money-saving packages that make it feasible to obtain the help they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. The costs of pursuing traditional treatment (including seeing specialists, their co-pays for each visit, and taking multiple prescription medications) can far exceed the cost of coaching towards incremental, health-enhancing changes that last a lifetime. Our Coaching Services also help minimize these doctor visits and the use of medications.
As it’s never too soon or too late to pursue health and wellness goals, we work with people of all ages and in all stages of life. We especially focus on youth and their families because building healthy habits early prevents health problems later in life. We tailor and target our coordinated coaching program to address you and your children’s specific healthy lifestyle challenges, helping you improve through the adoption of incremental changes over time.
The first step in The KB Way is to schedule and come in for your FREE Initial Evaluation with Dr. Karen, where she discusses our holistic coaching approach and learns about you and your child’s health and wellness concerns. Whether it is for prevention or intervention, you and Dr. Karen work together to create a targeted coaching plan most helpful for you or your child’s journey towards making incremental health changes. Over time, with our multi-disciplinary team’s guidance and support, your child and family slowly and progressively develop new habits and routines that become part of your daily lives. Our goal is to create the best long-term plan for you, by setting realistic, reachable goals to ensure success in your health and wellness journey.
Whether you’re involved in The KB Way coaching program or not, you can certainly participate in our Wellness Services. We offer yoga classes and private sessions at convenient hours to fit your schedule around school and work. We also provide reasonable packages for our regular attendees (click here for more details). If you’d just like to try us out, we welcome you to participate in any of our classes at our drop-in rate of $20 per class ($15 for Seniors and Students with ID, and $10 for Children) or even our FREE Yoga Class that may intermittently occur. We also have a Friend Referral Bonus. As a KNOWN client, if you bring in a NEW friend, you’ll get to attend a yoga class at a discounted rate.
Weight-related complications, such as Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol, can be prevented or reversed by making healthy lifestyle changes. With a Holistic approach, Dr. Karen and her multi-disciplinary team empower you with helpful tools and information on how to make healthy changes easier and more effective. As you and your child eat healthier and become more active over time, your child may be able to reduce the dose or even STOP taking these medications, under the guidance of the prescribing doctor.
he growth chart provides a lot of helpful information. As your child grows each year, your pediatrician tracks each point on the growth chart for weight and height. If your child is tracking along the 75th Percentile for weight over the years, that is less concerning than a crossing of percentiles, such as when your child moves from the 50th Percentile last year to the 75th Percentile this year. This transition may be slightly more concerning as it is an indication that your child is gaining weight too fast. It is also important to track your child’s BMI (weight for height) on the growth chart, which is more associated with weight-related complications. Please bring your growth chart to KareBoost for Dr. Karen to review at your FREE initial evaluation.
While our brain controls how we feel and how we deal with stress, so does our gut! Yes, OUR GUT – which is where our food goes when we eat. Our gut has bacteria that is normally there, called the Microbiome, which are unique for each person, like our own fingerprint. These gut bacteria are good for us as they communicate with our brain to help our digestion of food, but they also impact our stress-hormone levels, anxiety, depression and even our memory. This two-way communication is called the Gut-Microbiota-Brain Axis, where the gut affects the brain and the brain affects the gut through a variety of different ways. Therefore, the gut microbiome influences the development of many brain systems controlling our emotions, memory, stress, and pain levels. Let’s work on both pathways of communication.
While no longer providing medical management for pediatric GI conditions as she did at Rutgers-RWJ Hospital for several years, Dr. Karen can help by addressing your concerns and quesitions and providing additional time and education on your child’s existing GI conditions. With this added support, Dr. Karen and the KareBoost team can help empower your child to overcome and deal with his/her symptoms by learning about various coping skills and appropriate nutritional guidance that is specifically helpful for your child’s GI condition. Remember, problems in your gut can affect your emotions and stress, just as your brain can impact your gut’s problems. Let’s work on both pathways of communication.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a common gastro-intestinal condition that is often related to stress, is also found to be affected by the Gut-Microbiota-Brain Axis. Through The KB Way, our stress reduction coaches and Wellness team can teach clients, who suffer with IBS, yoga, meditation, reiki/healing touch, and other relaxation techniques and tools. In addition, our Registered Dietitian can help you approach the FODMAP diet in a step-wise fashion with the supervision of your GI doctor. Remember, problems in your gut can affect your emotions and stress, just as your brain can impact your gut’s problems. Let’s work on both pathways of communication. At KareBoost Health, we’ll help you take control and stop having your IBS symptoms control you!
Eating Disorders or Disordered Eating include a variety of different types of conditions that can affect you at any age, such as; Anorexia Nervosa, Restricted Eating, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Mindless Overeating, Feeding Issues and/or Picky Eating. If you are concerned that either you or your child exhibits symptoms of one or more of these conditions, KareBoost Health can help! Our Registered Dietitian and our coaches are experts in Eating Disorders/Body Image, feeding issues and healthy living. In conjunction with your physician and/or therapist, we work with the whole family to design the best approach for implementing healthy eating behaviors and learning how to develop a positive relationship with food and with your body.
KareBoost Health does not sell any vitamins or supplements. However, depending on your health evaluation by Dr. Karen or our Registered Dietitian, we may make some recommendations based on your current nutritional status.

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