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Through fitness coaching at KareBoost Health, we help you gradually build strength, confidence and increased energy in your physical movements. Our coaches work with you to develop new habits and routines where you integrate increased activity in your daily life. You can also work with our yoga instructors to improve your strength and flexibility in private yoga sessions or classes where they start at your present range of abilities and build from there. We work with children, teenagers, adults, parents and even entire families.

Exercise and movement leads to a multitude of benefits – physical, mental and emotional — boosting your energy and muscle strength, flexibility, as well as your overall health, attitude and focus.

If you are interested in working with a Personal Trainer, we can refer you to Tracy Garcia, who is from the Movement Institute, LLC, which is not a part of and not located on the premises of KareBoost Health. While you can learn more about her in Our Wellness Team section, Tracy Garcia will develop a customized exercise program that will best fit your needs.

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Research Publications

Physical fitness as an indicator of health status and its relationship to academic performance during the prepubertal period.

Does adiposity mediate the relationship between physical activity and biological risk factors in youth?: a cross-sectional study from the International Children’s Accelerometry Database (ICAD).


We enjoyed the Karma Yoga Class that you had for CASA SHaW. The instructor was awesome! I very much appreciate your willingness to support CASA now and some time in the future with another event. I told all my friends how nice it was and highly recommended that they join us for the next time. You are all so kind with such caring hearts. Thank you again!
- Deborah C.


Such a fantastic, whole-person approach to healthy and fulfilling living!
- Becky Peterson


Lovely space and kind staff. We've attended family yoga several times... Kara is warm, kind and calm.
My boys are still making shapes with their bodies.

- Chrissy Camillone Venezia


I have been working with Greg Bing for the past several months. I cannot say enough about the difference personal training has made to my body as well as my mind...He constantly gives as well as asks for feedback, so we are always working as a team. His encouragement motivates me to go the extra mile. Greg is very knowledgeable about anatomy and the technical aspects of movement and form. I cannot recommend Greg or KareBoost enough!
- Audrey T., Somerset, NJ


We have been fortunate enough to have Coach Greg from KareBoost speak to our group several times. Not only are the workshops informative, but Greg does a great job of personalizing them for the audience... We look forward to having Coach Greg and any other member of the KareBoost team back in the future.
- Jennifer Dubois
MOMS Club of Bridgewater Central-East

testimonials -6

Thank you, Karen! I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with you. I appreciate your helpful suggestions and insights regarding whole health... Mind and body, emotion and balance. I never thought of working with a health coach but now realize that you complete the circle.
- By NS

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