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Our proven Holistic Health Coaching Program, an important part of The KB Way, encompasses a highly credentialed, multi-disciplinary team that uses creative, fun and interactive educational tools to empower children and families to take positive steps towards achieving their personal health and wellness goals. With the use of motivational interviewing, our coaching team will guide you to identify clear, reachable goals that produce the changes in your child‘s health that you are seeking. We approach this in a systematic way through planning, tracking, and measuring progress towards your big-picture goals. This holistic process builds motivation and empowers clients with a much greater level of control over their health and wellness results.

The KB Way Holistic Health Coaching Program:

  • FREE Initial Evaluation with Dr. Karen:
    • Determining your child’s health needs and interests for The KB Way
  • Health Coaching with Dr. Karen:
    • Tailoring to your child’s personal coaching goals
    • Discussing health, nutrition, medical, fitness, behavior modifications and stress reduction topics
  • Medically Supervised Coaching Team:
    • Dr. Karen coordinates and supervises your work with the other highly-credentialed KB Way Coaches to ensure that you and your child are getting the help that you need
  • Tools and Methods Used By The KB Way:
    • Using Motivational Interviewing to help empower and allow your child or family to take ownership of their own goals and decisions for their health changes
    • Developing small goals to help achieve important mini-successes over time that leads to your child’s bigger accomplishments
    • Providing educational and helpful material through handouts, PowerPoint presentations and videos
    • Overcoming obstacles through creating a Setback Recovery Plan ahead of time so that you’re prepared for the expected obstacles

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Research Publications

Improvements in Health Behaviors, Eating Self-Efficacy, and Goal-Setting Skills Following Participation in Wellness Coaching.

Dyslipidemia management in overweight or obese adolescents: A mixed-methods clinical trial of motivational interviewing.

Effectiveness of a motivational interviewing intervention on weight loss, physical activity and cardiovascular disease risk factors: a randomised controlled trial with a 12-month post-intervention follow-up.


We enjoyed the Karma Yoga Class that you had for CASA SHaW. The instructor was awesome! I very much appreciate your willingness to support CASA now and some time in the future with another event. I told all my friends how nice it was and highly recommended that they join us for the next time. You are all so kind with such caring hearts. Thank you again!
- Deborah C.


Such a fantastic, whole-person approach to healthy and fulfilling living!
- Becky Peterson


Lovely space and kind staff. We've attended family yoga several times... Kara is warm, kind and calm.
My boys are still making shapes with their bodies.

- Chrissy Camillone Venezia


I have been working with Greg Bing for the past several months. I cannot say enough about the difference personal training has made to my body as well as my mind...He constantly gives as well as asks for feedback, so we are always working as a team. His encouragement motivates me to go the extra mile. Greg is very knowledgeable about anatomy and the technical aspects of movement and form. I cannot recommend Greg or KareBoost enough!
- Audrey T., Somerset, NJ


We have been fortunate enough to have Coach Greg from KareBoost speak to our group several times. Not only are the workshops informative, but Greg does a great job of personalizing them for the audience... We look forward to having Coach Greg and any other member of the KareBoost team back in the future.
- Jennifer Dubois
MOMS Club of Bridgewater Central-East

testimonials -6

Thank you, Karen! I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with you. I appreciate your helpful suggestions and insights regarding whole health... Mind and body, emotion and balance. I never thought of working with a health coach but now realize that you complete the circle.
- By NS

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