Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

If you have camping and hiking trips on your agenda, it is important to have a plan to meet your nutritional needs. Having a plan is essential to staying hydrated, nourished and happy throughout all your outdoor activities. Here are 5 tips to staying healthy on your next outdoor adventure.

Healthy Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

  1. Overpack. Yes, we are encouraging you to overpack! Food and water needs are usually higher on an activity-based outdoor trip. Pay extra attention to hydration- you will need lots of water, especially if it is hot outside. Consider how long your trip is, if you can bring a cooler, how many people are going and what food-related tools you’ll need.
  2. Hydrate. Pre-hydrate for your hike by drinking 3-4 cups of water before your hike. A good rule of thumb is to plan for 2 cups of fluid for every hour of hiking. If you will not have access to clean water, plan to bring enough for everyone on your trip.
  3. Day trips. If you are just planning a day trip, pack mostly non-perishables so you do not have to also pack ice packs to keep food cold. The less you can carry, the better. For day trips, pack trail mix, nuts or nut butter, fresh fruit such as apples or bananas, granola and shelf-stable jerky.
  4. Multi-Day Trips. If you are camping and hiking for an extended period of time, plan on bringing a cold source with you such as a cooler and ice packs to keep perishable food safe. Also bring the non-perishables listed above, and consider bringing ready to eat cereal, fruit and vegetable puree in pouches, canned fish or poultry, pasta and pancake mix.
  5. Food Safety. Follow food safety rules to stay safe and healthy during your trip. Bring disposable wipes or hand sanitizer in case you have no access to water and soap. If you are cooking, bring a food thermometer with you to make sure food is cooked to a proper temperature. Remember that perishable food cannot be kept out for longer than an hour in hot weather, and no longer than 2 hours in mild weather.

With these tips in mind, you will be fully prepared for your next hiking or camping trip. For more advice on planning fun, healthy trips with your family, set up a free consultation with KareBoost Health today!

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
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