Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Finding a Balance

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With the New Year quickly approaching, maybe you are considering on setting a new healthy resolution for yourself or your family.  Setting goals to eat healthier, lose weight and exercise more are great, but focusing on weight loss alone can backfire, especially with young children and teens.  Instead of framing health goals for your family in terms of weight loss, try talking about and introducing healthy foods in a positive, fun manner.  While focusing on weight can lead to feelings of guilt, insecurities about bodies, sneaking food and even disordered eating, incorporating healthy habits in a positive manner can promote better mood and sleep, school performance and reduce the risk of illness.  A healthy diet is a balanced diet, not an obsession with counting calories or fats.
            First of all, if you want your kids to start eating healthier and exercising, incorporate those habits yourself.  If you are excited to eat vegetables, your kids probably will be as well!  Instead of forcing one particular healthy fruit or vegetable on your family, offer a variety of healthy foods for them to choose from.  Be mindful of how you talk about your own weight, and instead of trying to follow a restrictive fad diet, plan a fun weekend hike or home-cooked dinner with your family so that your kids understand that healthy living is balanced and inclusive.    
            The kitchen is a great place to start making healthy meals fun.  There are food preparation tasks appropriate for every child, from washing fruit to measuring out ingredients.  Involve children in meal planning, allowing them to suggest new foods to try.  Maybe every meal will not be a gourmet dinner, but it will be healthier than takeout and might bring you together in a new way! 
            Ultimately, try to keep weight in perspective- both for yourself and your family members!  Remember that healthy looks different on everyone, and that reaching a certain goal weight may not be indicative of health.  Try to focus on the habits you can change, such as eating plenty of fruits and veggies, cooking at home more often, taking more steps a day, and drinking more water.  Children’s bodies, in particular, change quite a bit as they grow, but eating habits- both good and bad- can stick around for life.  Instilling a love for movement and excitement about healthy eating will give your kids tools they will use throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.
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