Healthy Reasons to Take Naps

Healthy Reasons to Take Naps

Naps are not just for kids anymore! Research shows that napping has healthy benefits for adults. If you fall short of 7-9 hours of sleep a night, feel cranky or irritated after lunch, or need lots of coffee to get throughout your day, napping could help you. Today, we will discuss the benefits of napping, and how you can start including a short nap into your busy day.

3 Healthy Reasons to Take Naps

  1. Why. The benefits of napping can include increased alertness, better mood and improved memory. Sleeping more can help you be more productive at work and school- your brain needs rest in order to learn new skills and process all the information you receive during the day. While those benefits may seem intuitive, napping can also save you money. Improve the amount of sleep you get and spend less money of coffee and energy drinks.
  2. How. The best time for a nap is around 3 pm. Nap too late, and it might affect your quality of sleep at night. Find a cool, quiet place to rest for about 20 minutes. Some forward-thinking workplaces are becoming attuned to the benefits of napping and even creating spaces for employees to nap. However, if you do not have that flexibility at the office, consider ducking out to your car for a quick break.
  3. Plan It Out. Look at your calendar and find a time in the next week where you could fit a nap in. Plan where you can take a nap and mark it off in your calendar. Try to make napping a regular occurrence, especially if you do not get enough sleep at night.

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Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health