Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids

Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids

Looking for healthy snack alternatives for kids but can’t find something they will eat? This article can help. Spring has arrived, and warmer weather often means more activities for kids. Whether your kids are involved in outdoor sports or you are simply taking advantage of the season to get the whole family outside more often, here are 3 healthy snack alternatives for kids to help fuel your next outdoor adventure.

Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids

  1. Instead of Sugary Drinks: Try fat-free or 1% fat milk or unsweetened non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut milk. Water is your best option to stay hydrated throughout more intense activity. 100% fruit juice and low sodium vegetable juice are also good choices, in small amounts.
  2. Instead of Chips: Try unsalted sunflower seeds, whole-grain crackers, or unsalted popcorn. Celery and carrot sticks also give that same satisfying crunch, or try apple and orange slices for a bit of sweetness. Unsalted nuts are also a healthy and fortifying snack.
  3. Instead of Sweets and Baked Goods: Try fresh or dried fruit to satisfy a sugar craving. Frozen grapes and bananas taste like candy, and plain yogurt topped with fresh fruit is a good snack option. Really craving brownies? Get the whole family in the kitchen and whip up a homemade batch of your favorite treat. It’ll be healthier than store-bought, and you can even look in customizing recipes with healthier swaps.

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