Healthy Tips For Working At Home

Healthy Tips For Working At Home

Many of us are working at home indefinitely, and the way we work may change permanently. This change may have affected your routine and set your healthy habits askew. Here are 3 tips for working at home to help you get back on track and make your home set-up better than ever.

1. Set Up Your Desk.

You might have set up a workstation at home that was not the most comfortable, especially if you thought this would only be for a few weeks. Now is the time to make some changes. Try to have a mobile workstation, where you can go from sitting to standing to maybe even kneeling. This is a simple way to add movement to your day, and will reduce aches and pains from sitting.

2. Stick to A Routine.

If being at home all the time has led to unchecked snacking, now is the time to set up a routine. Even though you might not be leaving the house, structure your day the same way. Set a time to start work, take breaks and end. Structure breakfast, lunch and dinner around work. Sticking to a work and meal routine will help you to recognize actual hunger signs.

3. Find the Silver Lining.

While there are many difficulties during this current time, maybe you also no longer have a lengthy commute to deal with. Examine your schedule for hidden free time. Instead of spending an hour in the car, maybe you can use that time in the morning to get a quick workout in. It might also be possible to eat healthier at home, with access to your own kitchen most of the time.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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