How Much Water Do Kids Need?

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When it comes to maintaining good health, it is difficult to think of a nutrient more basic and important than water. Water is the foundation for what all our bodies do and the most abundant material in our bodies.
Water transports nutrients to our cells and removes waste products. It helps maintain blood volume and body temperature, and it lubricates joints and tissues.
As a healthy beverage, water is ideal in many ways. It has no calories, no sugar, and no caffeine. It is very inexpensive and usually very easy to find.
The question is then, “How much water should we drink?” This question becomes especially complex with regard to children, because the amount of water a child needs varies based on factors such as their age, weight, and even gender. Environmental factors, such as air temperature and humidity play a role. And a child’s level of physical activity also factors into the equation.
So, how much is enough then? The Institute of Medicine and National Academies offers this table as a guide:

Kids Total Daily Beverage and Drinking Water Requirements

Kids Total Daily Beverage and Drinking Water Requirements
If these numbers seem like a lot, remember these numbers include water from all sources. This includes water from all types of beverages, as well as water consumed in food, which can be a substantial amount, especially for a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.
While it can be difficult to calculate exactly the amount of water consumed in food, experts recommend children or teens should drink six to eight cups of water per day in addition to a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables. During periods of high heat or physical activity, this number should be increased.
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Andrea Berez, MS, RD, CSP
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