How to Build Resilience Right Now

How to Build Resilience Right Now

Let’s look at how you can build resilience. Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. Having a well of resilience to draw from can make a huge difference to your mental and physical health, especially during tough times like these. The good news is resiliency, like any muscle, can be made stronger.

Here are 3 tips to build resilience right now, even while it may be social-distancing, working from home, or struggling with other effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

1. Find Purpose
Finding a sense of purpose can be especially difficult right now, especially if you are not able to work from home or struggling with an entirely new schedule. Remember that your sense of purpose does not have to change the world right now, it just has to give you a reason to get up and get going. Set a small goal for yourself every day, even if it’s a 30-minute walk around the block or finishing a huge puzzle. Your sense of purpose could also come from helping someone in need. There are plenty of ways to help while socially distancing, such as reaching out to a friend or neighbor who lives alone.

2. Connect 
Yes, it might seem that now is not the time to form connections. However, strong social connections are an important factor in building resilience. Reaching out to others for help, and helping others, leads to stronger mental health. You can do this right now- pick up the phone and call a friend. Maybe now is the time to reach out to a friend or family member you have not spoken with in a while. Consider using technology like FaceTime or Skype to feel a more “in-person” connection.

3. Embrace Change
An important factor in getting and keeping more resilience is knowing what you can and cannot change. There is a lot right now that we do not have control over, like working from home or kids’ home school schedules. There are also many unknowns. This can feel overwhelming. Instead of focusing on what you cannot change, think about what you can. Maybe you can make your workspace at home more comfortable, and perhaps you can make a delicious dinner with your family tonight. Focus on the moment, or at least the next 24 hours.

If you need more support, we are here for you during this time. Schedule a Virtual yoga private lesson to learn relaxation techniques and keep moving or sign up for one of our Virtual classes.

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