How to Celebrate While Practicing Social Distancing

How to Celebrate While Practicing Social Distancing

Let’s look at how to celebrate while practicing social distancing. For many of us, the arrival of spring brings holidays such as Easter and Passover. Traditionally, we may gather with family to celebrate over a meal and festivities. This year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, your normal celebrations may be put on hold. It is very important to maintain social distancing, even during the holidays. Protect everyone in your family by staying in and continuing to practice social distancing.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate while practicing social distancing

  1. Celebrate Virtually. Luckily, we live in a time of ever-expanding technology and innovation. Look into an app that can help you set up a virtual celebration. A video conferencing app will allow everyone in your family to see each other. You could agree on a shared menu and cook the same foods to enjoy “together”. Consider decorating your space- it will look nice on camera, but also lend that same sense of celebration to your day.
  2. Create Your Own Traditions. Use this time as an opportunity to create your own holiday traditions. Be creative- traditions do not have to be material. This would be a great time to create a family game, come up with a new recipe, or write down memories from your day. Perhaps starting a family scrapbook or journal would be not only a good creative outlet but also a way to keep traditions alive in the future.
  3. Give Back. Holidays can be a time of both celebration and reflection. Many of us are facing real difficulties right now. Perhaps you elect to rest and relax during this holiday- taking the time for self-care is valuable. Do not put excess pressure on yourself to create the perfect meal or holiday. If you are able to, consider doing something this holiday for someone who may be struggling. There are still safe ways to give back. You could call someone you know who Is alone for the holiday, or order groceries delivered to a local food bank or charity.

At KareBoost Health, we are here to support you mentally and physically through this time. Check out our schedule to register for virtual yoga and keep reading our blog for more creative ideas.

Karen L Leibowitz, MD
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