How to Develop an Optimistic Outlook

How to Develop an Optimistic Outlook

It’s hard to have an optimistic outlook with everything going on in the world. Learning to see the glass half full can take practice, and some of us naturally have a sunnier outlook than others. However, becoming an optimist can have benefits. Research suggests that optimists have better relationships and may live longer. In addition, the health benefits of practicing gratitude are extensive.

Here are 3 easy practices to help develop and optimistic outlook

    1. Visualize Your Ideal Feature. Imagine your dream life 10 years from now, and write it down. While this might sound like wishful thinking, imagining your dream future can boost your current levels of optimism and steer you away from thinking about the worst possible outcome. Try this once or twice a week for the next few months.
    2. Talk to Yourself. Yes, talking to yourself can be positive! The next time those negative voices in your head tell you that you are bad at something, imagine yourself as a child, or imagine any child. Imagine how you would respond to a child, and what you would say to encourage that child. You probably would not talk to a child so negatively. How can you reframe your failures and start talking to yourself with kindness?
    3. Put Things in Perspective. If you have a tendency to jump to the most extreme thought, you most likely end up thinking negative thoughts. Start to balance this out with extremely positive thoughts. If you normally think after making a small mistake at work that you will be fired, the next time it happens, imagine that your mistake pointed out a significant issue at your company and you are rewarded with a huge promotion. If the positive thought seems completely ridiculous to you, you can imagine that the negative one might be as well.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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