How to Maintain A Healthy Weight

How to Maintain A Healthy Weight

Let’s look at how to maintain a healthy weight. When your weight is in a healthy range, your body is less at risk for health issues such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Even if you are not at your ideal weight, you can take several steps to stay healthy and keep moving in the right direction. Remember, every step counts- literally!

3 Steps to Maintain A Healthy Weight

1. Embrace Imperfection.

No one has a perfect diet 100% of the time, and expecting perfection is setting yourself up for failure. Acknowledge lapses when they occur and move on. Focus on the good, like filling up your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables, and do not beat yourself up about the bad. Consider the 80/20 rule- focus on healthy foods for 80% of your diet and set 20% aside for less nutritionally dense foods.

2. Manage Stress.

Are you focusing solely on diet and exercise? Many of us react to stress with changes in our diet. Mental health is an important component of physical health. Brainstorm stress reducing activities that do not involve food, such as reading, yoga or knitting. Reach out to a friend to vent or consider journaling. You might also consider speaking to a therapist if diet-related stress is taking a toll on you.

3. Stick To It.

If you are losing a significant amount of weight for health-related purposes, understand that it will take time. Rapid weight loss is rarely permanent and can usually only be achieved through unhealthy means. You may go through periods of time where you maintain your weight without losing much. That does not undermine the progress you have made and know that the first year or two after losing weight might be the most difficult.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
KareBoost Health


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