Mother’s Weight While Pregnant May Affect Child’s Lifelong Cardiovascular Health

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An important study published recently in the British Medical Journal suggests children whose mothers were overweight or obese during their pregnancy may be at greater risk of early death from cardiovascular causes as adults.

This research found a 35% increase in risk of premature death in the adult children of mothers who were obese at the time of their pregnancy. It also discovered a 29% increased risk of a hospital admission for a cardiovascular event for these same adult children.
This new information represents both a serious concern for individuals, and a major public health issue since in the United States about 64% of women of reproductive age are overweight and 35% are obese.
The exact way maternal obesity leads to these negative health outcomes is not known with certainty. It may be that maternal obesity has permanent effects on the appetite and metabolism of a child, which can lead to heart and other health problems later in life.
It may be that obese or overweigh parents model less healthy eating habits for their children. Or it may be that the social and environmental factors which lead to obesity in a parent also directly affect the cardiovascular health of children. It may be some combination of all three of these factors, or other, as yet unknown, factors.
While the exact mechanism by which maternal obesity leads to this increased risk of cardiovascular health problems may be unclear, the benefits and importance of maintaining a healthy weight and good cardiovascular health are well established. While this study may suggest maintaining good cardiovascular health will be more difficult for children of obese parents, it by no means suggests it is not possible.
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