Nutrition Tips for 4 Year Olds and 5 Year Olds

Nutrition Tips for 4 Year Olds and 5 Year Olds

Let’s look at some nutrition tips for 4 year olds and 5 year olds. Your child’s preschool and kindergarten years are a good time to establish healthy eating habits. At this age, children should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family. Children at this age are also capable of deciding whether or not they are hungry, and how much they feel like eating. Here are 5 tips to make meals and snacks healthy and stress free.

Nutrition Tips for 4 Year Olds and 5 Year Olds

1. Offer a variety of healthy foods. Providing a variety of foods will not only help your children meet their nutritional needs, it will also help expose them to different foods they may like. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, dairy substitutes, lean protein and whole grain cereals and bread are all healthy options.

2. Have sit down meal times. Providing structure to meals prevents grazing during the day. Sitting down to eat together and turning off the TV creates a calm, mindful environment around eating.

3. Limit sugary drinks. The best drinks for kids are water and milk, including non-dairy milk. Sugary drinks like soda, juice, lemonade and sweet tea can lead to cavities and unhealthy weight gain.

4. Small portions for small kids. Smaller children need smaller servings than adults. Encourage them to choose their own serving size, but use smaller plates, bowls and cups. Do not expect kids to “clean their plates”. Kids should be allowed to stop eating when they are full. This will help them to develop healthy eating habits in the future.

5. Teach table manners. 4 and 5-year olds are ready to learn basic table manners, such as the proper way to hold a utensil. Sitting down to eat together and demonstrating table manners is the best way to develop table manners in your child. Your child will see how the rest of the family is and follow your lead.

With these tips in mind, you can make healthy eating not only stress free but also enjoyable. For more tips on making meals, snacks and a healthy lifestyle adapt to you, consider working with our health coaches.

Dr. Karen Leibowitz
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health


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