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KareBoost Health, LLC (“KareBoost” or “KB”), a health and wellness center created by Dr. Karen Leibowitz, Founder and CEO (“Dr. Karen”), emphasizes the importance of targeted behavioral change to improve the health and wellbeing of children and adults. The KB Way, our coordinated, multidisciplinary Holistic Health Coaching and Wellness Programs offered at our Center, are tailored to address your specific healthy lifestyle challenges over time. Along with Dr. Karen, who serves as The KB Way Health Coach, Medical Coach, Medical Supervisor and Coordinator, our KareBoost Coaching team provides services that include: Health, Nutrition, Stress Reduction and Fitness Coaching. Our Wellness team provides services that include yoga, meditation, and reiki. We use creative, fun and interactive educational tools and evidence-based methods to empower children, their families and adults to take positive steps towards achieving their personal health and wellness goals. Through our holistic approach, we help clients achieve and become their best selves.

As a team, we work with you and your child to target specific life and health concerns and challenges, both big and small. We create a health plan tailored to you and your child’s needs. Since knowing that lasting changes are best made over time, our KareBoost team coaches you every step of the way — helping you move forward with ever-increasing confidence!

The KB Way Holistic Health Coaching approach encompasses:

  • Health Coaching to address your complete health and wellness concerns with the aim to educate and set achievable nutrition, fitness and stress reduction goals;
  • Medical Coaching to ensure your full understanding of your child’s existing diagnoses, to provide insight into your doctor’s ordered laboratory and test results, and to advocate for your best treatment plan with your whole person in mind;
  • Nutrition Coaching that identifies and addresses dietary issues that lead to negative outcomes and uses behavior modification tools and tailored meal plans to improve specific health conditions;
  • Stress Reduction Coaching that teaches coping skills and relaxation techniques to combat daily stressors; and
  • Fitness Coaching where we develop exercise routines and habits that you can incorporate into your daily life.

KareBoost Health also works closely with other professional services that are not a part of KareBoost to help complete our holistic approach. On our premises, we have Andrea Berez, a Pediatric Registered Dietitian, from NJ Pediatrics & Family Nutrition, LLC, who works with both children and adults. For Personal Training and Massage Therapy, we currently can refer you to Tracy Garcia, who is from the Movement Institute, LLC, which is not a part of and not located on the premises of KareBoost Health.


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