Our Coaching Team

Karen Leibowitz, MD and Pediatric GI/Nutrition Specialist, Founder and CEO

Karen Leibowitz

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD – “Dr. Karen” – is a Board-Certified physician in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, with a long-standing interest in family wellness, pediatric obesity and weight-related complications. In addition to her strong clinical passion, Dr. Karen has performed and published a variety of research projects in these fields. She has also given numerous national and international presentations and lectures on obesity and GI topics. Since 1996, Dr. Karen has been involved in a variety of obesity treatment and prevention programs that promote healthy lifestyle changes: she has worked with Native American children in Oklahoma and Texas; assisted in the obesity program at the Childrenʼs Hospital of Philadelphia; and spearheaded the development and implementation of the “Healthy ME: Pediatric Lifestyle Changes Program” at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The success of the Healthy ME program, as well as her passion for working with children and families on issues of health and wellness, led Dr. Karen to create KareBoost Health. Through this holistic program, Dr. Karen and her multi-disciplinary health and wellness team can coach clients to adopt over time life changing health habits using a tailored, targeted approach.

Dr. Karen’s role in The KB Way:

  • Completes the FREE Initial Evaluation to discuss the child’s and family’s needs and interests
  • Works comprehensively with the child and family on various aspects of Health Coaching with innovative tools and evidence-based methods, such as motivational interviewing
  • Provides Medical Coaching (not medical management) to help you gain a full understanding of your child’s existing diagnoses and test results and to support you through the various steps of your other doctors‘ medical treatment
  • Coordinates and Supervises the holistic coaching services with the other KB Way multidisciplinary team members based on the tailored program for each child and family

Gina Miraglia, BA – Health Coach

Gina MiragliaAn educator and motivator, KareBoost health coach, Gina Miraglia holds a BA in Health and Exercise Science, with a concentration in Health Promotion and Wellness Management. She helps children and adults improve their quality of life through development and implementation of health and wellness programs. In addition to developing educational tools on a variety of health-related topics, Gina uses her effective communication skills and motivational interviewing to impart knowledge during one-on-one sessions and through group lectures and programs.

Gina’s role in The KB Way:

  • Stress Reduction Coaching
  • Body Image Coaching
  • Setback Recovery Coaching
  • Resilience Coaching
  • Holistic Health Coaching for Adults
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Sports Nutrition Coaching
  • Mindful Eating Coaching

In addition to Kareboost Health’s Coaching Team, Kareboost Health works with NJ Pediatric & Family Nutrition, LLC and its owner, Andrea Berez

Andrea Berez, MS, RD, CSP – Pediatric Registered Dietitian

Andrea BerezAndrea Berez, a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition, uses her passion and motivational-interviewing counseling style to help children, teenagers and families effectively address health and weight-related issues. Whether challenged with eating disorders, overweight, obesity, disordered eating, gastrointestinal-related conditions or general wellness needs, Andrea helps her clients set their individual goals and work toward long-lasting health and lifestyle changes. Since 2004, Andrea has been involved in coordinating, counseling and doing research for various multidisciplinary pediatric and family weight management programs, including A New Weigh and Healthy ME: Pediatric Lifestyle Changes Program at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She creates innovative and exceptionally fun programs that effectively meets her clients’ needs.

Andrea’s role in The KB Way:

  • Provides detailed dietary guidance and information for weight management
  • Addresses nutritional needs by focusing on tailored meal plans for specific health conditions, such as pre-diabetes/diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eating disorders, sports nutrition, food allergies, picky eaters and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (FODMAP Diet for IBS)
  • Provides nutritional guidance throughout your child’s developmental stages (from pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby’s first foods to table foods)